Champagne Pannier Bastille Day 2024 Dinner

Looking for something to do on Bastille Day 2024? Then look no further than the Champagne Pannier Bastille Day Dinner 2024 at Café en Seine.

Indulge in a 3-course gourmet dinner with 3 Champagne pairings at Café en Seine, where the renowned host and Sales Director at Champagne Pannier, Mathieu Brecy, flies into Ireland to host the event, taking you on a journey through the house’s fascinating history and the intricate artistry behind their exceptional cuvées from 6 pm 🥂

Champagne Pannier

Based in the picturesque Château-Thierry nestled within the renowned Marne Valley vineyards, Champagne Pannier has garnered worldwide renown for its exquisite Champagnes. The house meticulously blends Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes using traditional methods that highlight unparalleled quality and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. This ensures that every sip of Champagne Pannier is a testament to the artistry and passion of its creators, making it a cherished choice among connoisseurs worldwide.

Bastille Day

Bastille Day is celebrated annually on July 14th, and marks France’s national day with parades, fireworks, and festivities nationwide. Commemorating the French Revolution’s start and the storming of the Bastille in 1789, it symbolizes liberty, equality, and fraternity. Vibrant tricolour flags, traditional music, and gourmet delights evoke a spirited celebration of French culture and history.

Champagne Pannier Bastille Day Dinner 2024

The Champagne Pannier Bastille Day 2024 Dinner promises not only a sensory journey through Champagne’s finest offerings but also an exploration of the cultural and culinary heritage that makes Champagne Pannier a favourite among enthusiasts worldwide. Revel in a tasting experience that includes 3 carefully selected Champagnes, expertly paired with an array of Café en Seine’s French dishes celebrating the national day of France. 🇫🇷🍾

Tickets for the Champagne Pannier Bastille Day 2024 Dinner include 3 courses with 3 glasses of Champagne. Make a booking in Café en Seine now via OpenTable priced at €75 per person. Alternatively, you can make a booking by calling (01) 677 4567 or emailing [email protected].

T&C: Price does not include gratuity to staff.

Champagne Pannier Bastille Day 2024 Dinner Menu